2018 Summer PR’s to date

With one Summer meet remaining we’ve had 8 individuals PR this summer, two have double PR’d. We’d love to see 8 more this weekend at the Indiana State Fair Pole Vault Competition on August 4th.

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New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Kennedy Drish: 12-10.25

PVE Intersquad
Tyler McQuinn: 09-00

Haynes-Apperson – Kokomo
Sam Meyer: 12-00

Grand Haven Beach Vault
Sam Meyer: 12-03

Mike Hanna Hall of Fame Vault
Ale Nelson: 08-10.25

Hotdog Festival – Frankfort
Peyton McQuin: 07-06
Wilson Massey: 11-06
Margaux Kachur: 08-06
Adrienne Salemme: 10-06
Jessica Bray: 12-09 and 13-01.50


We had quite a few close calls this summer too, honorable mentions go to
Luke Bender – Haynes-Apperson – barely misses 15-06
Grace McIntyre – Grand Haven Beach Vault – quality jumps at 10-07
Kara Deady – Mike Hanna Hall of Fame Vault – very good attempts at 12-10
Clark Collins – Hotdog Festival – very good attempts at 12-00


If we’ve overlooked anyone please let us know