2019 Indiana State Fair Vault

When: Saturday, August 3rd

Where: Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN

Time: 8am to 8pm

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Request Poles: Click HERE to request poles.

Waiver: Download here

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Remind: Click Here (Class Code – pvefair19)

How to find Pole Vault:  The pole vault is setup just north of the Drugstore on the fair grounds.  The address of the drug store is 1202 E 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Where to park: 

From the host:

A list of Pole Vault Elite athletes will be provided to gate attendants located at Gate 6. Gate attendants will allow ONLY those athletes on the list in without an entry ticket. As athletes arrive, they should proceed to Gate 6 (off Fall Creek) and directly to the security check point. Athletes should notify the attendants working the gate they are competitors with Pole Vault Elite for the pole vault competion. Be sure to give your first and last name to the attendant so they can properly check you off the list. 

A map of the fairgrounds is below, so you can see where Gate 6 (red circle) is in relation to where pole vault will be set up at (blue circle). With this change, plan to arrive even earlier than you had initially thought. Traffic on Fall Creek WILL back up early and you will need the extra time to find parking, etc. 

Schedule: Plan on being in the state fair grounds 90 minutes before your competition. In years past it has taken as much as 2 hours to park, so plan accordingly

From the Host:

Hello Pole Vault Fans,
We’re down to the last meet of the 2019 tour.
Hope you are having as much fun as we are.
State Fair “Over The Top” Street Vault 2019, Saturday August 3rd, 2019
1202 E 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46205
Here’s the directions to the meet.
Runway opens at 8:00AM with vaulting will start at 9:00AM.
There will be 4 Groups – the Groups and Estimated Start Times can be found here. We will try to keep to the schedule, so be early for your group vault. Please remember that these times are approximate. Please arrive early to insure you are ready to go.
**If you bring a tent, you will be required to have 40lb weights on the legs of the tent.
If you did not pay, please bring your entry fee the day of the event. All competitors will need to sign a waiver when checking in. Those under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign.
See you all at the meet on Saturday!
If you want or need to fill-out the meet waiver before the meet on Saturday, click here for the waiver form.
Just add the meet name to the form, sign & date: State Fair “Over The Top” Street Vault 2019
If you have any additional questions just let us know, if not, see you all on Saturday!