Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Join?
How do I become a member?
How do I practice?
How Do I compete?

Who Should Join?

Pole Vault Elite’s summer club program is designed for brand new and experienced pole vaulters alike.   We have taken vaulters from the “never touched a pole” stage to medaling at the high school state meet and helped them move toward their respective goals.  Our approach is a progressive style starting with the basics and layering more complex fundamentals on top of those as needed on an individual basis.  There are no requirements to compete if you do not want to either.

Club Memberships

What does it mean to be a club member?

There are no longer separate membership types.  All athletes will be “Club Members”.  There is still an annual fee for the membership.   All first time members will receive a T-shirt, any returning members will receive a special gift.  With the purchase of our annual membership, you will receive the Pole Vault Elite Family Treatment as well as access to poles and the facility with the purchase of one of our practice packages.  Apparel items (uniform tops, hoodies, 1/4 zip pull overs, etc..) are available as add-ons at an additional fee.

Club Registration

How does Pole Vault Elite communicate changes in practice time/cancellations or other pertinent information to members?

We will attempt to add all members and parents to the Remind 101 for Pole Vault Elite.  However, if you do not get a notification you are added, please let us know so we can send you the process to add yourself.


What are the different practice packages?

All members will be eligible for practices and will be required to purchase one of two different package types. The two different package types are the monthly practice package and the punch card package.

  • Monthly Passes – give you a specific number of practices a month (please note: unused monthly practice sessions will NOT roll over to the next month.)
  • Punch Cards – allows you to come to as many or few practices a month as you desire (please note: unused punch card sessions expire at the end of the year and do NOT roll over to the next calendar year.

Either package will require you to schedule your practices using the Members Login Area (Desktop) or the  “Zen Planner App” (mobile).  Available spots are on a first come first serve basis.

What are practices like?

Our practices run approximately 2 hours in length and keep a 1:7 coach to athlete ratio and rarely will we have more than 10 athletes on a single runway.  Each athlete will be given individualized instructions and corrections by one or multiple coaches.  We have two separate runways, which will allow us a maximum of 20 athletes per night. In order to support this many athletes we would need to have 4 coaches that night. If you see a night with less than 20 spots, we have less than 4 coaches available.

When are practice sessions available?

We will open the season with Monday and Wednesday practice and would open Thursday practices should the demand exist.

*All members and parents are REQUIRED to attend a one time orientation session prior to their first day of practice (including returning members).


Who is eligible to compete?

All members will be eligible for competitions with Pole Vault Elite (PVE).

What is the cost to compete in the meets?

Each meet will have a different fee associated with it, depending on the entry fee.  In order to be able to take advantage of PVE coaching and equipment you must register through PVE.

Are uniform tops required in order to compete?

Though we will not require uniform tops this year, we encourage everyone to compete in one, to be a more united team.  Uniform tops will be an additional fee (~$40) this year.  We have a few premium meets that we will require an official long sleeve item in order to attend.  This again is to keep our team in common apparel. Premium meets include the Beach Vault, Cave Vault, and Pole Vault Summit.

Pole Vault Elite Meets


*If you choose to enter on your own, we will be unable to provide poles or coaching at these competitions.