Club – Registration

Please read all the steps. Registration will be a 2 step process. You must purchase a membership type AND purchase a practice pack. We only have one membership type this year; “2019 Club Membership”.  Neither membership includes practices, so you will need to purchase a practice pack also. All members and parent(s) will need to attend an orientation before their first practice. If you purchase a practice pack without purchasing the “2019 Club Membership” we will automatically add a the “2019 Club Membership”, we have no way to require it with the software, but we will require a membership before we allow a practice.  Due to the nuances of the software you may get the following message when signing up for both memberships – (CAREFUL. Collin already has a membership. Don’t sign up for duplicate memberships!). This message can safely be ignored  


Pole Vault Elite

Our Practice Location is

8402 N 300 W
Fortville, IN 46040