Indoor Nationals 2023

Pole Vault Elite Coaches will likely attend one (possible more) of the following National meets. For an athlete to attend the following is required.

  1. You must hit the standard in a track meet. With the exception of Belton and Reno, pole vault only competitions will likely not count.
  2. You must be granted permission by the IHSAA via their Waiver procedures. A prerequisite for a waiver to be granted by the IHSAA is that you do not have a meet with your high school on the same day as your national competitions. You must have your coaches/athletic director submit this waiver on your behalf.
  3. Each family is responsible for booking travel and lodging. Pole Vault Elite will enter you in the meet(s) when we have a final head count on entries.
  4. Each family is individually financially responsible for their travel, lodging, and meet entry expenses along with a pole transportation fee ($150) from Pole Vault Elite.

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Live Results
Live Stream
Live Results
Dates(s)March 10-12March 17-19
LocationBostonVirginia Beach
Girls Championship Standard 11-11.5012-01.00
Girls Championship Date/Time3/12 @ 10:00am3/17 @ 5:00pm
Girls Emerging Elite Standard11-03.0011-00.00
Girls Emerging Elite Date/Time3/10 @ 3:00pm3/17 @ 11:00am
Boys Championship Standard 15-00.0015-00.00
Boys Championship Date/Time3/11 @ 1:00pm3/18 @ 5:00pm
Boys Emerging Elite Standard14-00.0013-06.00
Boys Emerging Elite Date/Time3/11 @ 9:00am3/18 @ 1:30pm