January 1st

Waivers, Annual Renewal, Remind/Mailchimp, January Meets, February Meets, IHSAA Season, Rental Poles

Thought of the day:
Discipline comes from telling yourself the truth about where you are right now. An absolute truth, not a relative fluff version.

“I’m better than I was yesterday” (fluff) vs “I’m not where I want to be tomorrow” (absolute)

  • Waivers
    • You cannot participate with PVE until it’s signed (under 18 by parent/guardian | 18+ self sign)
  • Annual Membership
    • If you didn’t renew and you participate it will be automatically added to your account and charge full price
  • Communication
    • Remind: App/Text based notificaition
    • MailChip: Email based notifications
  • January Meets
    • Jan 19/20 – Feedback today or we will make a decision about it without feedback (may not do either without any feedback)
    • January 21 – Deadline to signup is tomorrow at 7:00pm
    • January 25th – 28th: Closed
  • February Meets
    • February 4th – PFW HS Meet
    • February 10th – Leaning toward Ohio State Meet
    • February 17th – Leaning toward Louisville, KY
    • February 24th – Leaning toward OFF
  • IHSAA Season begins Feb 12
    • Can compete with PVE until February 25th
    • By IHSAA Rule: You can practice with PVE as long as you don’t miss IHSAA practice to do so
  • Rental Poles <link>