What can my athlete do with PVE during the IHSAA Season

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Is practicing with a club against IHSAA rules?

We hear this a lot. “My coach says it is against the IHSAA rules to practice with a club (group/team/etc) during the season.” This is 100% misinformation. The IHSAA by-laws lay out exactly what is and is not allowed per the IHSAA. Each school or team may have more granular rules, but the IHSAA DOES NOT prohibit athletes in individual sports (swimming, track, etc..) from practicing with clubs in season.

Q. 9-14 May a member of a School team in an Individual Sport, during the authorized Practice Season or Contest Season, participate in a School Practice on Sunday?

A. No, it is a violation of the Sunday Rule, rule 9-13, for a student athlete to participate in a School Practice during the authorized Practice Season or Contest Season on Sunday, and therefore attendance at a Practice by a member of a Member School Coaching Staff is prohibited. For example, if several swimmers on a School team, who also belonged to a Non-School club, decided to swim on Sunday at a club practice to prepare for the upcoming Tournament Series swim meet, this practice would not violate the Sunday Rule, provided no member of the Member School Coaching Staff called or even encouraged this practice, and of course, no member of the Member School Coaching Staff may be present during this practice. (rule 9-13)

From the By-Laws (page 46)

What Will Pole Vault Elite Offer:


We HIGHLY encourage you to communicate with your High School coach as well as the PVE coach working with you if you are doing both (HS and Club stuff). Overuse injury could be highly likely if you aren’t managing time off properly.

Types of session

  • Group / Open – Similar to our weeknight and weekend practices
  • Semi Private – You arrange a small group to come in for a session
  • Private – 1-on-1 session

Types of practice packs

  • Monthly Packages – $220 a month
  • Weekend only – $120 a month
  • Drop-in – $40 / session
  • Private – 1-on-1 session: $75 per hour
  • Semi Private – ask for a quote (based on # of athletes, amount of time, membership status)

When will PVE practices occur

February and March will continue with the same/similar format as October->January

  • Tuesday/Thursdays @ 6pm | Sundays @ 2pm
  • Semi Private and Private (email to schedule)


Will a Pole Vault Elite Coach come to our HS meets.

  • Without prior arrangement from your head coach AND if you have one, event coach, we do not coach club athletes at meets.
  • Pole Vault Elite coaches may be at many of your meets already, if we do not have prior arrangements we will not coach you at a meet.
  • PVE coaches may attend many or no meets this year depending on their personal lives. In some ways this time of the year is their “off season”. You can communicate with your PVE coach individually about coming to meets, but please be respect their willingness to give their time to their families this time of year.



  • Used
    • Pole Vault Elite can sell it’s used poles for replacement value (sometimes less). See the “Pole for sale” link on our website
  • New
    • Pole Vault Elite can sell new Gill branded (PacerFXV, PacerOne, PacerComposite) poles to you for less than anyone else (price can be quoted)
    • Two Price Points
      • Your pole forever price ($395 – $1125 + shipping)
      • Your pole until you graduate price, after it’s Pole Vault Elite’s pole (less than above)


  • Individual
    • Individuals (members) will be able to rent poles from Pole Vault Elite (they will not be the club inventory — they will be physically different poles).
      • Monthly and Weekend only Members:
        • In-stock Poles: $25 for Tier 1 (13’6″ and shorter) and $35 for Tier 2 (14’0″ and longer) per month per pole.
        • Out of stock poles: 3 month minimum @ T1:$50/T2:$80 per month
  • School
    • We do not plan on renting poles to non-active members, so schools would not be able to rent poles if we move forward with this, unless we already have very close working arrangement with their staff.


  • This is something we are moving away from (hence the changes to the pole rental programs above) in an effort to better outfit club practices. There may be circumstances where we offer to allow an individual to borrow. Asking will likely result in a blurb around our rental program.


We can write your workouts for you during the IHSAA season, but your high school coach must “consent”. We’ve done this for a few in the past with collaboration from the schools coaches, the athlete and their parents. Communicate with your coach first and if they are not interested, we 100% fully support them.

In 2022 we will start piloting our “All Inclusive training” (name TBD). This will incorporate the programing that Collin and Joe did while they were are HSE and Pike respectively. This programing is 5-6 days a week on, 1-2 days a week off. Depending on the time of year you may jump 0-1 times a week (off season – high load conditioning) to 2-4 times a week (competitive season with meets included in the jump days).

Concerns / Unintended Consequences

Most of these can be prevented with extremely good communication

  • Over work injuries
    • Multiple Practices in a day
    • 5-6 days at HS practice and 1-2 at club practices (no days off)
    • Less sleep due to more practices leaving less time for academics
  • Making the HS coaches feel “unappreciated”
  • Conflicting information creating confusion / confidence issues

Road to College

Mostly applies to Juniors and Seniors

  • Must register with NCAA if seeking an NCAA DI, DII, or DIII school
  • College coaches recruiting season for track is February-ish – June
  • Their primary targets are Juniors and Seniors.
  • What do you need to jump to get on “MyPreferedChoice University” track team
  • Scholarships — assume you won’t get one (exceptions… but rare)
  • Best way to get on a coaches radar
    • The athletes fills out the recruiting form and then follows up via email/voice/text
    • Parents reaching out will likely end the process with that coach / school
    • HS / Club Coaches have contacts and may already be in communication with those contacts on your behalf, but the athlete still needs to reach out.
  • Recruiting companies may be helpful, but you being active and aggressive will make you stand out

Adjusting Current Membership with PVE

Use the following Form:, chose “change membership type” in Reason and give details what you’d like to change to in the More Details section. We will allow changes between now and February 14th. If you make the request before Feb 1 the February bill will be adjusted. If it’s on or after Feb 1, the adjustment will go on your account as a credit.